Multimedia Simulation Center

intubatingThe Multimedia Simulation Center features three state-of-the-art universal patient simulators, Sim-Man, Cath-Sim, and two of FPB's most recent acquisitions, SimBaby and SimChild.

SimBaby is a high-tech robotic simulator that breathes, has a pulse, and maintains heart rhythm and blood pressure. It can be programmed to simulate a range of illnesses and medical emergencies, including cardiac arrest and breathing difficulties. Students are told of SimBaby's “symptoms” and must perform the appropriate assessments and treatments. SimBaby's condition improves or deteriorates depending on the student's intervention.

FPB is proud to have one of the first SimBaby simulators in the United States and the first one at a nursing school in Ohio.

SimManSim-Man is a high-tech robotic simulator that breathes, has a pulse, and maintains heart-rhythm and blood pressure. It can simulate almost any patient emergency situation and is programmable to provide the most life-like responses with immediate feedback for student learning.

Sim-Man Features:

  • Realistic life-size intubation head
  • Anatomically-correct bronchial tree
  • Standard ALS airway with airway complications
  • Spontaneous respiration with variable respiratory rate, auscultation of breath sounds, and CO2 detection
  • Bilateral carotid pulse, brachial, radial, and femoral pulses
  • CPR ventilation, chest compression, and ECG/heart rate simulation capabilities
  • ECG library of over 2,500 cardiac rhythm variants
  • Blood pressure, circulatory skills, and IV drug administration capabilities
  • Heart, lung, bowel, and vocal sounds
  • Simulated patient monitor
  • Automatic log system with stopwatch function

im1In addition, the two Cath-Sim Intravenous Trainer units in the Multimedia Simulation Center use virtual reality-based patients to teach intravenous catheterization. They give students the ability to choose the patient they will start an IV on, depending on their particular clinical setting. The software program offers immediate feedback and opportunities for review to enhance the nursing skills needed in real-life environments.